Calvin and Hobbes

Random - Shuffle

Sometimes I think life is random and shuffle. Not intentionally, but some things do happen by chance. Thing is, I have friends abroad. And at least three of them are coming to Uruguay in september. I'm afraid if they come on a week that i have exams, i won't be able to pay them too much attention. And chances are, they will not come again to this country. Shit.


Eight things I've learned about pipes

Since the eight rarities game can be donde anytime you like, there are eight things I've learned about piepd that I would like to share:

  1. Cleaning method: You have to clean the pipe when it's dry and cold.
  2. To put the tobacco in the pipe, there's a saying that preys: First third, you put the tobacco with the hands of a child (non-tight). Second third, you put the tobacco with the hands of a woman (medium tight). And last, you put the tobacco with the hand of a man (tight enough).
  3. Have to use two matches to light it: First, you light everything, and then tight the tobacco (even if it turns off), second one, just in the middle of the pipe.
  4. There are blends of tobacco: Virginia is the most regular and neutral blend; the Burley blend it's a litlle more stronger than Virginia; Cavendish it's any sweet blend; Oriental ones are turkish, spicy and not sweet tobaccos; Latakia are also like Oriental, but they are smoked on the preparation of it; and Perique blend, it's an acid blend, original from a certain part of the U.S.
  5. How to smoke it: You don't swallow the smoke. At all.
  6. Cut style: Ready rubbed cut is a very small cut; Flake is a flake-like cut; Ribbon, very common in the Americas (like the ready rubbed); Rough cut, big pieces of tobacco; Cube cut; and the Twist.
  7. My type of pipe: Billiard small bowl size
  8. Depends on the time of the day of your smoke, the taste that the tobacco will assemble to: Not the same taste if you smoke a pipe at 9 am than 9 pm.
Have good smokes!!


Talking to a friend...

... I realized that long distances aren't so long, that you could be hugging someone no matter how far this person is, that feelings travel along light and sound distances, you can hear what that person speaks, like if it was whispering to your ear. Being friend to someone can pass tenderness through the sound of the keypad. Yeap, I'm chatting.


To drink a Coke, or not to drink

There is, indeed, seven situations when it's nice to drink a Coke. I'm a huge fan of Coke, since I was young. Well, here they are:

  1. When you have a hangover: You drank all night long, wake up in the morning, and nothing seems the best for you to have a Coke on the refrigerator.
  2. When you walk a lot: Maybe you have thirst, but there it's nothing in the world like the sensation of sweetness passing on your throat.
  3. When you are in an incommodious situation: Nothing better than not having an opinion, glass in hand, and nod with your head.
  4. Birthdays: It's always expected on birthdays to drink a nice, smooth, glassed filled with Coke (but, usually, it's warmer because hours passed by since the refrigerator).
  5. Sickness: Lying in the bed, claiming for a Doctor, and a frozen Coke.
  6. Reunion with friends: Non-drinkers appreciate the fact that someone buys a Coke in reunions.
  7. Reunion with family: Your aunt it's talking about nonsense, and you wish mother earth can open a hole in the floor and swallow you, but your closest thing to that it's not answering by putting indefinetely your mouth in a huge glass filled with Coke.
And the Coke Song!!!!


A man can do the difference

This image it's quite touching. I really think people can make a difference in the day a day, not only in war crisis.
This photo is memorable. Try to never forget that the actions that we do probably will affect others that surround us.