To drink a Coke, or not to drink

There is, indeed, seven situations when it's nice to drink a Coke. I'm a huge fan of Coke, since I was young. Well, here they are:

  1. When you have a hangover: You drank all night long, wake up in the morning, and nothing seems the best for you to have a Coke on the refrigerator.
  2. When you walk a lot: Maybe you have thirst, but there it's nothing in the world like the sensation of sweetness passing on your throat.
  3. When you are in an incommodious situation: Nothing better than not having an opinion, glass in hand, and nod with your head.
  4. Birthdays: It's always expected on birthdays to drink a nice, smooth, glassed filled with Coke (but, usually, it's warmer because hours passed by since the refrigerator).
  5. Sickness: Lying in the bed, claiming for a Doctor, and a frozen Coke.
  6. Reunion with friends: Non-drinkers appreciate the fact that someone buys a Coke in reunions.
  7. Reunion with family: Your aunt it's talking about nonsense, and you wish mother earth can open a hole in the floor and swallow you, but your closest thing to that it's not answering by putting indefinetely your mouth in a huge glass filled with Coke.
And the Coke Song!!!!


The Usual Stuff said...

Well, in Mexico it is mandatory to have Coke at any decent party you're throwing, since there is no 'Cuba Libre' without it.

Did you ever hear that wonderful song for the Xmas campaign? "Quisiera al mundo dar color...? If you happen to find it, please post it. It was amazing! Me? Light Coke, please. Regular is too bitter for me.


Bichicome said...

Do you work for Coca-cola Company??

Nothing like a Bull´s Paso for a Hangover :P

Lleve el bull´s Paso :P

YosoyineS said...

Usual, good point.

Bichicome: What the hell is Bull El Paso????? Hahahaha.