A pleasant call

The day before yesterday, a friend of mine from the UK, Z, called me to catch up. We met over the Internet, and since then (about three or four years ago), we call each other, whether to practise my english and his spanish, to catch up on each other's life, to say Merry Christmas or Happy New Year, or drunk dials -hehe, I have a message of him in my answering machine, where he is totally wasted, hahaha-. One of the subjects we talked about was employment rates and salaries. Well, he was quite amused and shocked with the salaries you get here in Uruguay. In England, an average salary is about 4000 U$D, while in Uruguay, you can mantain a house on your own with a 400 U$D salary -as a good payment-. On the other hand, cost of life is way more cheap here than in the UK -or Europe-, besides it's a matter of logic and reason because of our wages, altough in terms of technology costs are almost the same. So he wanted to invest here -on a banana plantation, if García Márquez hears, he would have a heart attack-, or at least work here to gain experience. And he encountered two difficulties:

  • His spanish is quite limited, we joked about he working as a dish washer.
  • Payment is low, but if it is a salary good enough for living here, that wouldn't be an issue.
He asked me where could i find a Spanish institute for foreigners, which i have no idea. And changing the subject, he went to see Interpol's recital, and when he asked me what music I was listening to, I said I've become an "Indie" Girl. - "What the hell happened to you? You used to be more hardcore, you know" - "Well, you know, I softened up" Hehehehe. He also told me he worked as an art ankerman in Australia for about three months, and he's trying to make work out a long distance relationship with a girl there -that's his bad karma, ot wouldn't be the first time that occurs to him the fact of having a long distance relationship-. I would like to help him, but i dunno how to advice him if i never had that kind of love. We talked about two more hours, but the interesting part of the chat is there, the other stuff are dillusional thoughts of both of us, hehe. See ya!