Improvised song

The other day, singing with my sister, we laughed about the fact that it doesn't exist a song where you can't forget the lyrics. And the song improvised it's called "Wololo". It's catchy. Try to sing everything saying Wololo. Hahahaha. And try it with a lot of G, A, and Em on the tabs, and you'll come up with a Beach Boys wololo song. Hahahaha.

The Kid and City Lights

The day before yesterday I saw the both movies mentioned on the title of this post. Both of Charles Chaplin.
Both great movies, where Chaplin plays the Tramp, best role ever, and the last mute movies he made (at least City Lights). Never saw Chaplin before, but the humor is universal.
I loved the filmographic resources used on both movies. The in's and out's of every shot, the simplicity of moves, and the same time so complex. I surely recommend both of them.


New design...

I've changed the prior layout for this one... It's name is "Tequila" and i love it!!. Besides can't think anything in english, i'm sort in a dumbness, which i can't get out of it. Need some time to re think things, and post them in english. And my plans to go to Mendoza are over, because i couldn't talk with my british friend.... sniff snifff. Maybe i'll tell later my plans for tonight, which includes a lot of electronic music (if i don't get a nap, at 4 am i'll be in bed, hehehe).


The creation of the universe..

Lately i've been reading a lot about this. So i've found a Wikipedia article that seemed interesting to me. In the history, a lot of theories about the creation of the universe had been created, but none of them seemed too much convincing to me. At least the one that convinces me the most it's the Big Bang theory. But, then, I've read a Quechua history about the creation of the universe (i don't link it because it's in spanish, i'll link it if you want). And it's quite similat to the creation of the world related to the Holy Bible. And similar to the Silmarillion of J.R.R. Tolkien. I personally don't believe in the church, neither in god. I believe there's a balance in the Universe, a ying and a yang. And i also believe in Murphy's laws, no one can deny this laws are always respected.


The water

Water is a pure element, nitid, clear, that brings life or removes it from eath. I do like water, but when is under control. Nothing can achieve what water does. What is our planet made of? Earth and water. And with pollution, and global heat, we have more water than we need. I saw a documentary about Katrina the other day. There are still victims that didn’t got aid from the government, and that’s quite awful from the United States of America, that say from itself that is a great country, but doesn’t help their nationals. People that is expecting a trailer to live almost for a year. And in April a great part of Argentina and Uruguay suffered floods (yesterday all the Black river flooded), but the difference is that we do help our own people. Maybe they should take our example.

One of my nightmares

I had a dream last night. I dreamt I got really lonely, one of my best friends acted like a mad person, and the other one was very comprehensive. In this dream, some friends and I went dancing, and everyone except me got some compasny for the rest of the night, then I decided to go out for a smoke, and started crying out loud, like if I wanted to be listened. Then, the comprehensive best friend came out and asked me what was going on, said nothing, and took me to his department. Instead of sleeping, we drank coffee all night long. Then, he asked me again what was going on, and told him everything. The strange of my dream was that he told me that he was going to marry someone just because he left her pregnant. Just right after I told him I was feeling lonely. As sad as it may look, I did not associate anyone from real life, but seemed so vivid to me that I woke up crying, and I don’t know why.