Dare to be different

I always thought that routine is so much boring, that you should do something everyday to break it. For example, today I polished a metal box, drawed a tribal dragon on my jeans (to paint it after I finish this), and read a part of a book at 9 am. It's not that I'm trying not to get bored, I'm trying to do something unusual, because spices life up. Actually, it's a simple concept. You do something unusual once a week for example. Not the same day every week, but try to do it often, so you'll feel better about yourself, even if you're stressed out. Not much though, just little things to lift the every day burden.


Now he's ok

Poor kid, i was hoping that he would get better last days, but since two days ago, he was in the hospital. His name is Bruno, and he's an adorable kiddo. And he deserves the best. Thank god he's ok now, but seems that he went through hell. I Still want that Croqueta Fest :D



When I was a teen, I adored this guys. I even tried to go to one of the argentina concerts (but I was a minor, so I couldn't leave the country without permission of my parents, I didn't had passport then). My first own bought Cd, was the "S&M" Cds that I treasure the most. But then, with the St. Anger cd, and the going of Jason Newsted, I got bored. Really, I mean, everything ok with the reaaly heavy-trash metal. I do like their first cds, but my ears can't tolerate the St. Anger. Sorry. Anyway.. I'd leave you this: