Sometimes, when i'm bored, fascinated or dillusional, i like to take some pictures. This ones are from my father's house, having lunch. Enjoy.

Love and friendship

It's hard to understand the barrier between friendship and love. For instance, between my best friend and I, we had a problem (years ago) about that subject. I really got hurt with that situation, because he blamed me about that, when it was our fault. Thing is, actually, when you're on the situation, it's hard to see what's really happening. You loose sense of reality. It's not fair, but it is what it is. Honestly, i'd rather prefer not to be on that situation. With my best friend resolved to stay as that (he said that he didn't wanted to hurt my feelings, son of a bitch). And whenever that topic show up, he tries to avoid it. I'm not accusing him of nothing, i just said it happened, there is no reason to avoid it. Maybe it's harder for me to forgive than forget. But it isn't fair to him to play with my feelings and then act like nothing happened. Sorry, but it's the truth. If you read this, my friend, you know what i feel now. I'm trying to close things from the past. I hope you can understand that.


Amazing how people change (or not)

The other day, going out to smoke (because you can't smoke on discotheques here), and I met Hiara on the walkway. Hiara was a friend of mine on high school, six or seven years passed by without knowing anything of her (for the exception that she was growing big).

The only thing that teared us apart was the fact that she talked horrendous things about me on my back. And she didn't changed at all, because when we stopped talking, she whispered something on her friend's ear.

I'm sure it was about me.


The bus

Never happened to you that one day you get into the bus, in a cranky mood, and suddenly you're in a bus packed up of people? Fuck, I almost fainted today. I hate going on the bus on the afternoon. Besides, smelling that penetrating smell of a huge lack of deodorant is terrible. And there is always an old lady that pushes people with the umbrella on a great sunny day. Fuck.