The water

Water is a pure element, nitid, clear, that brings life or removes it from eath. I do like water, but when is under control. Nothing can achieve what water does. What is our planet made of? Earth and water. And with pollution, and global heat, we have more water than we need. I saw a documentary about Katrina the other day. There are still victims that didn’t got aid from the government, and that’s quite awful from the United States of America, that say from itself that is a great country, but doesn’t help their nationals. People that is expecting a trailer to live almost for a year. And in April a great part of Argentina and Uruguay suffered floods (yesterday all the Black river flooded), but the difference is that we do help our own people. Maybe they should take our example.


The Usual Stuff said...

In Mexico it is the Army's duty to help people in disasters. Problem is people continue to build households next to river creeks, even tough it is forbidden. But we LatinAmericans are better prepared to help out in disasters.

YosoyineS said...

Here the army is in charge of disasters too, but our army isn't big enough to aid all the affected area. We had until yesterday 12.000 evacuates.

The Usual Stuff said...

Wow. Now that's a big number. Are they going to be relocated in shelters or something? 'Cause a couple of letters to the correct asocitations could get some humanitarian help on the move.

YosoyineS said...

Actually they are already in shelters. And the UN, the Embassy of Japan, the Embassy of USA, the OEA and Red Cross are aiding on the dissaster.

Uruguay has a great solidarity characteristic, when a tragedy happens, all the people puts themselves on the move to aid. I personally donated winter clothes.
People donates food, beds, blankets, among other stuff.

Thank god it isn't raining.