The creation of the universe..

Lately i've been reading a lot about this. So i've found a Wikipedia article that seemed interesting to me. In the history, a lot of theories about the creation of the universe had been created, but none of them seemed too much convincing to me. At least the one that convinces me the most it's the Big Bang theory. But, then, I've read a Quechua history about the creation of the universe (i don't link it because it's in spanish, i'll link it if you want). And it's quite similat to the creation of the world related to the Holy Bible. And similar to the Silmarillion of J.R.R. Tolkien. I personally don't believe in the church, neither in god. I believe there's a balance in the Universe, a ying and a yang. And i also believe in Murphy's laws, no one can deny this laws are always respected.


The Usual Stuff said...

Despite any theory about the creation of the universe, I do believe 3 rules govern it: Murphy's Law, Finagle´s Law and Hanlon's razor, which you may like to check on my blog. And yes, balance is one of the constant elements of the universe.
What's the purpose of order if there is no chaos? Try to read the trilogy "El Señor del Tiempo". That'll do, I think.

YosoyineS said...

Hahahaha. Beware. I'd rather prefer chaos than order hahaha. I'll have in mind the book (already in my "buy book list"). See ya