Farewell my friends...

Maybe it's not like i planned to, but I'm not having much time to post in every blog. Since this blog does not have much posts, and I'm planning something surprising, I will no longer continue to post here. I know, i know, it's not a valid excuse, but if you knew what's going on my head, you'll understand. Besides, you can still read me, in my spanish-written blog. I hate good-byes, so SEE YA!


Anonymous said...

oh, my god, i'll have to learn spanish now



Nykemartyn said...

Farewell to you my friends
We'll see each other again
Don't cry 'cause it's not the end of everything
I may be miles away
But here is where my heart will stay
With you, my friends with you

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Anonymous said...

It agree, this remarkable opinion

Anonymous said...

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