Love Chain

Amor, on his blog, published this chain, that i liked a lot, so i will follow it:

  • Pick the closest book, go to page 18, and transliterate the fourth line: "...elásticas sutilezas de los tiempos verbales habrían..." (Las intermitencias de la muerte, of José Saramago, Nobel award of Literature, Lisboa, 2005).
  • What was the last thing you saw on TV?: A rank of the top ten animals which created better techniques of survival. Not suitable for lunch.
  • Beside the noise of the PC, what do you hear?: The orchestal soundtrack of the game Final Fantasy VII, it fascinates me.
  • When did you go out last time , and where did you go?: To the seaside (rambla) twice this day, on the morning and in the afternoon, with different friends.
  • What are you wearing now?: A wool pink shirt, and brown trousers, with pink shoes.
  • When did you laugh last time?: All day.
  • What is in the wall in the room you are located now?: A painting made of my mom, a chinese symbol of autumm in lilac, and a lot of bookshelves.
  • Did you see something weird today?: A widget to do widgets. That's something without reason.
  • What was the last movie you saw?: I catched a double pack of AXN with The Patriot, and Braveheart. Aweeeesomeeee.
  • If you become a billionaire tonight, what would be the first thing you buy?: A house. And a lot of bookshelves.
  • Tell us something of you that we don't know: I'm amazingly lazy.
  • Do you like to dance?: Yes, a lot, and different styles and types of music too. But only when i'm at a discotheque.
  • What names would you pick for a boy and a girl?: Gabriel and Celeste. And Andrés too.
  • Did you planned to live abroad?: Yes, at some point in my life. But i love my country.
  • What would you like to hear from God when you reach paradise?: "Tell St. Peter that this must be a mistake" (Face of amusement) O_O "Hahahaha, that was a joke, welcome".


The Usual Stuff said...

I hereby solemnly promise I will copy this one and post in on the usual stuff with my own answers.
I love questionnaires and quizzes. that's a good topic every now and then.
I do want to answer the last question, though.
I expect God to tell me: and you thought you wouldn't make it!!


>> a l e x i s said...

I don't like those "memes" ¬_¬

YosoyineS said...

I saw it posted on the usual stuff :D

And, alex, i know you dont like them, so i didn't nominated anyone to do it.