I'm feeling bored of having this blog, I'll put a survey, if someone wants this blog to survive, vote for it!! I can't think in english, besides, it bores me to think in english in the way that i'm participating in too many blogs. So, the power resides in you!!!!


Lapsus Lingua said...

Inés_: Participar en muchos blogs cansa... y a veces pensar en otros idiomas también..

Ves ...yo hoy no tengo ganas de escribir nada en inglish.. jaja



Walter Hego said...

Well, girl, for someone who can't think in English, you do it quite well.

If it bores you, give it up. I mean, there's no sense in your doing something that doesn't give you at least some pleasure.

Anyway, I voted that you keep it up. And, so far, a hundred percent of the votes are for your keeping at it.

Don't you bajate me the arms! Let's go, that you can!

YosoyineS said...

@Lapsus Lingua: Si, la verdad es que cansa, por un lado me da cosita suprimir este blog...porque de alguna forma fue creado con la intención de practicar mi inglés, y por otro lado, me cuesta horrores poer pensar en inglés, e intentar transmitir una idea al mismo tiempo....mmmmppphh....por eso medio que me lavo las manos y los dejo decidir a uds.

@Walter Hego: Hey man, whazzup!!

Yeap, my english is not that terrible, but I still don't know what to write in here, 'cause I can't think properly in English.

I dunno.

The Usual Stuff said...

Aw, come on, Ines. You're doing great, and I really appreciate having something interesting to read. Besides, the only way to become fluent is to practice and practice and practice. Whatever you want to say in Spanish can be said in English too...

Anonymous said...

i did'nt use to, but i've started to comment in english sometimes in the united world bloggers, probably you've seen that blog

y hace poco he empezado a visitar también blogs en portugués, pero en ellos comento en español, entiendo pero no escribo, en inglés sí me atrevo a escribir

long for your long kisses (es mío), y

amor :-)

The Usual Stuff said...

You see, my dear? The world is claiming for you!! =D

YosoyineS said...

The Usual Stuff: Worst thing is I know you're right, I'll become more fluent if I post more often.

Thing is I'm lacking for ideas, but probably this thing will keep open why should i close the bar? hahahah. Lots of kisses.

@Amor: Hello sweetheart. I've seeing you more often, but i don't know which blog are you talking me about.

Eu nao falo português, mais comprendo muito.