Tomorrow's Interview

About a month ago, I've presented myself for a scolarship to study in the United States. Since one of the pre-requisites to apply for it was to write a personal essay saying why would someone like to study abroad, and specifically on the States, I have no clue on what would be the questions tomorrow (assuming they've read what I wrote). Assuming some of the questions will be personal ones (as Do you smoke?, or similar), the one's left remains as a mystery to me. Suggestions? Things that come to my mind would be:

  • What do you think of terrorism?
  • Have you been in prison?
  • Why would you like to study in the States, over another country?
  • Would you consider to live in the States?
  • Do you consider yourself better than other appliers to this scolarship?
  • What makes you think you deserve this scolarship?
  • Name all the 50/51 States
  • Are you snoring?
  • Hello?


Anonymous said...

i guess all you have to do is being sincere, don't you think so?

if they don´t like you, worse for them

i do like you



YosoyineS said...

Well, actually, I didnt got the scolarship, but it was good though, 'cause I experienced what an interview in an embassy looks like.

Kisses :D