How many times do we dream anything, asking it would be accomplished? I dream awake a lot, and I like that, for the exception that they are only dreams. But in my litlle effort to accomplish that dreams, I'm doing all in my reach to stop dreaming and put that dreams into action. So, here i am, not knowing what to do next. And saying nonsense, hahaha


The Usual Stuff said...

I dream about fantasies that cannot be. I dream about a date with Dr. House. I dream about flying along with Danny Phantom...
The rest, I work hard to achieve. I have already pictured myself driving my red second-hand Pointer, altough I haven't taken my driving lessons yet. (ooops)

YosoyineS said...

Hahaha, i failed my driving test, so i don't have a driving license. Nor i like to drive.

I do slowly try to accomplish my dreams, but requires a lot of effort, and time, which i don't have. See ya.