Poker Night

It’s difficult to me to say something sarcastic in english, without loosing the essence of I was trying to say. I’d like to think this is happening because this posts are my firsts posts in english. I’ll try to do it. I remembered the first day I met the guys from law school, the ones that constitutes my new set of friends, which I met last year, I have other friends that I met before, but I’m not talking about them today. We went to a common friend’s house, and they’d invited me to play Poker. When I’d arrived, I’d tried to integrate myself into that group participating on the poker game, because I didn’t knew anyone –the only exception was a girl friend, and then later on, we went on vacations with her and some other friends from that group of people-. So I let myself in, paying the $20 fee to enter the game. Note: The only times I had played poker before that evening, was a day when my friends and I ditched classes, and went to McDonalds to play cards, watching the soccer world cup, I think France 98. And the watching play poker on the ESPN and Celebrity Poker Showdown. And nothing else. So, I was saying, I let myself in that game. And I left everyone without a penny. You can say it was begginer’s luck. Nooooooo, haha. We played poker about three or four hours long, and I won almost everything, (even betting high to put someone out of the game). I’ve started with $20, and I left the table with $187. Hahaha. Muahahahahaha. And the next days, everyone talked to me, but anyone wants to play cards with me any longer. It’s amazing how I remembered poker rules. In two weeks from now, they will have another poker night. And they’ve invited me again. MUAHAHAHAHAHA.


The Usual Stuff said...

I hope you clean them good!!
On the other hand, without any harm meant, and if you don't mind my saying so, I think your text could be beneffited from a grammar clean-up. But that's just an old teacher's bad habit of spotting whatever may seem questionable. I hope you may forgive me.

YosoyineS said...

Hahaha, my english it's quite rusty, last time i wrote something in english was six years ago, so i could be forgiven for that. Althought i do speak in english with a british fellow, is not a penpal. So this is my way to practise that, and learn from my grammar mistakes.

Then, feel free to correct my english mistakes.


maxintl4 said...

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