I always have hard time trying to sleep when I had slept too much during the last night. Always found refreshing to think deep about stuff that isn’t important to anyone. Like the answer to the question of why the red is red and the green is green.Why the green is not red, and the red is not green. And the mixture of both, why is not called violet, and it’s called brown?. I’m thinking on that, among other stuff. I can’t sleep, and that makes me very reflexive. I’m thinking also that I have to download some laws from internet, but I don’t know which ones, I’ll have to update my law’s list. I also have to download the PostData cd, that they gave me the link yesterday. I have to the conference of author’s rights the day after tomorrow, and I have to inscribe myself today on that. I definitely need a cigarette. I need to print some stuff. I’d love to be in bed right now. I certainly have to talk to one of my best friends and ask her if she solved her things with a friend of hers, or if she will have an inmediate death because of that. I need to study a lot of things that I’ve got behind. I need to philosofy about the whereabouts of my life, and if I will pursue some of my dreams. I need to get a job. I have to finish my novel. I would like to meet someone famous. I would like to have a crystal ball and a lava lamp. I would like to learn some Russian. I have to travel soon, if I don’t, I would get mad. I’m nuts. I’m sayin’ nonsense. I should go to bed. Right now it’s 3 am, and I’ll have to go to classes at 10 am.


The Usual Stuff said...

Isn't it wonderful to have some time to waste trying to solve the universe problems? Problem is having to work next day, as you accurately pointed out. Pity, ain't it?

YosoyineS said...

MMmmmm, too many people tried before me to solve universe problems, many of them were unsuccesful. Rather than solving my thoughts, i sould try to catch some sleep, haha.