I'm a messy one

MMmmhh, today I’m thinking on my life, and how it got reflected on my blogs. Seeing my cellphone, I have too many bookmarks on the navigator menu, which they are most links to the other blogs I read. And I also have two more Feed readers, the Google one, and FeedSpirit. On every one of them, I have repeated feeds, and different ones, so I’ve decided to organize them, and put all of them in every place. Then I’ve thought: All in my life are like my bookmarks and feeds, all messed up. On my career, I’ve passed exams from 2nd year to 4th year, but I had left some of the subjects unpassed, which doesn’t allows me to go on my career. On my love life: Every time I have someone new that shows up in my heart, pending ghosts show up too –fucking ex-boyfriends, always showing up on the less adecuate moment-. In my personal life, the same: I’ve pending issues from all times, issues that doesn’t allows me to move on. And all fucked messed up issues, since the death of my grandmother when I was eight years old, until today issues. And I have to reorganize that too, because it’s fucking me up. The good news is that I’ve already started doing that. For example, creating a blog helps me out with the writing, which I wanted to do from a long time, I needed to write about everything, even not knowing if someone would listen. And for my surprise, I have a lot of readers, that supports my crazy head. I use the sarcasm as a way of life, ‘cause I know that if a problem is unsolvable, the best you can do is laugh about it.Doesn’t make me a much organized person, ‘cause I don’t solve anything by laughing, but makes me a happy one instead. I’m not complaining about it, only reflecting what I’m thinking.


The Usual Stuff said...

Being messy in the head can be dangerous.
Who we are, where we are and where we wanna get are my three foundations. Once that is know, the rest will come to place by itself.
A moderately messy house is healthy, tough.

YosoyineS said...

Hahaha, but being messy provides you a lot of fun, not knowing always where you put your things haha.